Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Blame it on the ipad

I had resolved to post monthly but since buying an ipad the use of my computer has diminished and posting a blog requires photos to keep it interesting and I don't often take photos with the ipad.

However this is a season of change and I want to post the observations.  This photo is of the snowdrops on Lime Tree Walk at The Argory.  Ethel called for us on a Saturday and we rode down to this National Trust property to observe the first flowers of Spring, much like crocuses I suppose but what do I know about flowers?

It was a typical Northern Ireland winter into spring day with storm showers making you wonder what you were doing trying to take a walk in a park?  The property is built on a river and the water was quite high.  The house itself was closed so the visitors are there only to walk and enjoy the grounds of this old estate now maintained and managed by the National Trust.

The difference between days with temperatures between 0 and 5 C and 5  to 9 C is tremendous.  We have smiles again as the weather is warming up.  It looks like we have escaped a winter of snow and ice.  This winter was cold for a long time but no snow nor ice to worry about and we also escaped the flooding that England suffered.

On another topic we have marveled at the quality and increase of art in many places from the cartoonist at the networking gathering that the Mayor hosted for the 4CornersFestival to the Peace Paper making event this week.

This is the finished art of our friend Helen Sanlon commissioned for the Drumalis Retreat Centre.  It's inspiration is an aerial view of the property and it is very beautiful.

Next month I will be able to share my delight at discovering this completed work (I saw it in Helen's studio in bits) with my other artist friend, McCall Gilfillan, as we participate in a Tres Dias weekend cloistered at Drumalis Retreat Centre.  McCall will bring her sketchbook.  Me I want to bring my Bible, listen and hear God.

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