Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It feels like months

I posted in October, a visit to Patrick's grave made in September.  After the Nielsen's visit, Suzan and Eric Miller came to tour Northern Ireland.  We four then went on a big trip and joined 20 other Organization of Women Architects friends and family.  We first went to London for a day, to Venice for three days and then onto a big boat for a cruise of the Mediterranean. 
In this photo in front of the Basilica in the Piazza San Marco,  Darlene and Bruce were not ready and four hadn't yet come. We had a meal together and the next day boarded the MSC Divina which seemed like a floating Las Vegas hotel.  The highlight was being with old friends, getting to know many better and meeting new friends.  
The ports were good too:  Venice, Bari, Katalon near Olympia, Izmir near Ephesus, Istanbul, and Dubrovnik. 
This was a test of Ward's mobility.  He fared well and especially enjoyed the warmer weather.

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