Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last of 2013

After the party tonight I will cook and I will eat only healthy, fresh, green, locally grown food.
I promise.  We have been eating a lot of kale, really we have.

This is the last day of 2013.  I hope everything that was suppose to get done got done, because the hours are going.  It doesn't help that it gets dark just after 4 pm and it is very cold, down around freezing.

We have had a great year with many visitors.  Jerem and Conor came in January along with Jennifer and Vicki.  Jon Kennedy moved into The Loom in March.  We went home and renewed visas in April.  We've been to Northumbria in June with Lane, and deepened the relationships with the local Belfast based Northumbria Community by regular meetings and going on retreat to Kilbrony Centre Rostrevor.  Then six sets of visitors came in September and October.  We've deepened the relationships with the North Belfast clergy through the 174 Trust clergy forum.  I learned a few words of Irish.  We sang in the Together Stronger community choir.  We lost Jeff and Kenny.  We met challenges with grace and we prayed together most every day.  Praise God at all times.

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